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Students speak about campus safety


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A college campus is place of higher education, a place people go to further themselves and learn. A college campus should be a place where people feel safe. However, unfortunate as it may be, this is not always so. Is this the case on the campus of IU South Bend?

Some students do believe that the campus is a safe place.

Brier Morton, a freshman, said, “I think that it’s as safe as they can make it.

This goes to the point that campus safety is handled to the best of ability, but things will happen as they cannot control everyone.

Additionally, some students talked about how they felt the campus was safe but felt there were a few specific times and locations on campus that may need extra attention.

“I think overall, yes, it’s a safe campus. However, I think that stepping up on security would be more comforting especially at night and weekends because there are less people on the grounds… I’ve never felt worried about my safety on campus. I could potentially see the bridge from campus to house being less safe,” said Janae Leuthold a senior.

Most people seemed to say that campus generally felt safe with the exception of a bit more uneasy feelings at night. However, the mood seemed to change when campus housing was brought into question.

In light of the recent sexual assault incident that happened in the dorms on campus, some reactions changed.

Katie Baker, a junior, said “Being anywhere at night tends to make you feel less safe. For the most part the campus is pretty well lit and I can’t say that I’ve ever felt uneasy walking anywhere on campus…” but when asked about campus housing, Baker said. “Considering the fridge was full of [marijuana] edibles and the whole place smelled like weed I would say they are definitely lacking in any kind of authority or monitoring.”

Campus safety may be a constant challenge. With mixed reactions from students, feeling safe on campus doesn’t seem to be a blanket feeling.

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