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IU South Bend artists hosting art show outside of campus


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Student art shows at IU South Bend come around every semester, but recently, the Fine Arts Department was asked to put on an art show at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Fine arts students are showing alongside regional artists Kathleen Newman, Kristin Hosbein and Carol Myers on May 3 from 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

This opportunity appeared quickly to faculty. With the second BFA show approaching in late April, it was a challenge to arrange the show, but the Fine Arts faculty has made it work for both the campus gallery and the Box Factory for the Arts.

Susan Moore, department chair of fine arts, showed her photography at the Box Factory back in February. The fine arts faculty have been in contact with the location ever since, and curated a show dedicated to the work of their students.

“I mentioned that we should have a student exhibition [at the Box Factory for the Arts], and actually, IU South Bend students have shown there before. We already have a connection there. We had a student exhibition, I want to say, seven years ago,” Ron Monsma, associate lecturer of fine arts, said.

Fine Arts students are showcasing work that reflects the themes and mediums that connect with them. Paintings, drawings, print media, sculptures and photographs will be displayed throughout the Box Factory, which was once a warehouse that is now converted into an artspace and studios.

“Personally, I find this exhibition to be an excellent opportunity for committed fine arts students to show their work off campus. This event is a chance to have our work seen by a broader audience than just faculty and friends. It is an honor and a privilege to even be considered as a participant in this exhibition and I hope my work rises to the occasion,” Julie Kanestrom, BFA painting and drawing, said.

Faculty are also looking forward to have students show work outside of IU South Bend’s campus.

“It gives you, as artists, a chance to perfect your craft to present your work and stand up for it. You had to decide what represents you. There is sort of this bit of public humiliation which is a motivator. It can be intimidating or a motivator. It’s important for artists to show work because the better you will become as artists.,” Bill Tourtillotte, lecturer in fine arts, said.

The student show will be held at the Box Factory for the Arts, located at 1101 Broad St. in St. Joseph, Michigan. The free opening will be on May 3, from 5:30 P.M. – 7: 30 P.M., and will continue to be on display until June.

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