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Surveying campus community about Northside Hall


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There are a number of buildings on campus that students have classes in. These halls include Northside Hall, Wiekamp Hall, the Education and Arts building and the library to name a few of these campus facilities. But one nearly every student has courses in is Northside Hall.

Northside Hall happens to be the oldest building currently on campus, which according to the campus spokesperson Ken Baierl, opened in 1961.

The Northside Hall Task Force has created an online survey for students, staff and faculty who have taught or taken classes in this hall to take to tell them what is thought of the conditions of the classrooms in Northside.

“One of my biggest issues with the Northside building is the restrooms. They are usually always dirty and in poor condition. Some of the stall doors don’t even lock. Another problem is the temperature in the basement classrooms. It’s always too hot or too cold, and the humidity down there gets very bad in certain parts of the year,” said Brianna Knisely, sophomore.

Brier Morton, a freshman said, “many parts of the building need to be fixed. There’s a lot of classes and offices that have a lot of water damage in them.”

If you have a class, or have taken or taught a class in Northside Hall, now could be your chance to share your thoughts and opinions with your fellow members of the IU South Bend community, as well as, the people who have real say in fixing some of the issues that are brought up.

The survey contains six questions and should take around five minutes to complete, the survey can be found at this link, or can be accessed through the Daily Titan webpage.


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