Andrei S. Markovits visits, speaks about Angela Merkel’s Germany

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The turnout for Andrei S. Markovits’ visit to the university required more seating to be set out on the third floor Wiekamp bridge than originally was prepared. On April 4, Markovits, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparitive Politics and German Studies at the University of Michigan, drew the crowd with an oft visited discussion: “The Tally of Angela Merkel’s Rule: What worked, what did not and where to now?”

“Over 40 people were there,” said Jeffrey Luppes, associate professor of German at IU South Bend. “The balance of Angela Merkel’s tenure as German chancellor has been mixed. Many achievements but also many challenges, one of the biggest of which is the rise of the extreme right-wing party, the AfD [Alternative for Germany].”

Audience members included students, faculty and members of both the campus and larger community. Discussion followed, with notable questions “including from the students on integration of refugees in Germany,” said Luppes.

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