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We asked you: Job Fairs


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Many students will be graduating in May, which means many of us will begin, or have already started, the stressful undertaking that is job hunting. Having said that, there will be Career and Internship Fair on campus on Wednesday April 3 from noon to 3 p.m. in the Student Activities Center (SAC).

Did you know about the Career and Internship Fair coming up on campus? Have you ever been to a job fair before? If so, was it a valuable experience? What are you looking to find? We asked you.

“No, I have never been to a job fair and I did not know about the one on campus. My major is Health Sciences with a concentration in Speech-Language Pathology, so I feel like going to a job fair won’t be necessary in order for me to find a job because there are jobs for Speech-Language Pathology therapists everywhere.”

bri knisely
Bri Knisely poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/Zach Beauchamp

-Brianna Knisely

Katie Clark
Katie Clark poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/Zach Beauchamp












“I did not know there was a job fair on campus next week. I have not been to a job fair before, I guess I never really had the opportunity to go to one before. I’ve heard there were big ones in Chicago, but I’ve never really had the chance to go to one. I’m not quite to the point in my college career to be looking for jobs yet, but I would definitely be interested in going to a job fair in the future.”

-Katie Clark

Aalyah Miller
Aalyah Miller poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/Zach Beauchamp

“In high school, I went to John Glenn, and the school hosted a job fair I went to. Our teachers were taking us down to it, they had local business with booths that were set up and they gave us a bunch of pencils. I’ve always had a job, so I never really needed to go. I’m not actively looking for a new job right now. I’m currently a sophomore so looking for a job after college isn’t something I’m really looking for right now, but closer to that point I would like to become an art teacher, high school is preferred, but I wouldn’t mind elementary to begin with. I didn’t know that there was a job fair on campus.”

-Aalyah Miller

kolton sizer
Kolton Sizer poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/Zach Beauchamp


“Yes, I did know about the job fair, I heard about it through an email chain. I’ve been to a couple before, it’s kind of what you expect: there’s booths set up from various employers who have plenty of information about their company and what they’re looking for. I found it a valuable experience but it’s completely dependent on what you’re looking for, I personally think there is a difference between a job fair and a career fair. A job is something you do to get by in my opinion while a career can define you. I was planning on walking through the job fair next week, I have my eyes on a couple career paths already and I want to see if there’s any representation of them there.”

-Kolton Sizer

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