CrimsonCard now accepted at Blaze Pizza, with a catch

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With a swipe of a CrimsonCard, students can now purchase Blaze Pizza, but there is a catch. CrimsonCard purchases outside of campus dining can only be used with money already deposited in a student’s CrimsonCash account.

Dining dollars are not CrimsonCash. Instead, dining dollars only can be used on IU South Bend’s on-campus dining services, and are available to students who live on campus. In the fall and spring semester, students are given $300. During the summer semester, if a student is not on campus during the summer, the dining dollars disappear.

CrimsonCash is somewhat different. Students are able to deposit $250-$750 during class registration, and they can use it towards campus dining and the bookstore. If a student puts money on this account online, there is a $2.50 fee added on to this total.

Not much was stated about this exclusion of dining dollars, and residents of campus thought that their dining dollars would go towards their bill at Blaze Pizza. Dining Dollars are only accepted at Sodexo’s dining options at IU South Bend.

Businesses accepting CrimsonCards is not new for other IU campuses. IU Bloomington now has over 60 locations where CrimsonCards are accepted. These locations vary from grocery stores to almost any kind of restaurant imagined.

As of now, Blaze Pizza is currently the only South Bend Business accepting CrimsonCash as a form of payment. However, according to IU CrimsonCard’s Twitter account, Healthy Happies and Bourbon St. Pizza are currently looking into accepting CrimsonCash as a form of payment.

“Healthy Happies accepting CrimsonCards would help get more people in the door, thus giving us the opportunity to impact more individuals and make them healthy and happy,” Merisa Larrison, Healthy Happies employee, and IU South Bend student, said.

As for Blaze Pizza, problems arose but were soon fixed. Juanita Ledezma, manager at Blaze Pizza said that registers were having issues taking the card at first, but as of Friday, the issue has been resolved.

Another issue that has been resolved was that students with insufficient funds on their account now will be declined at Blaze Pizza. Before, student’s cards would be accepted, and they would have to pay the difference.

Through the end of the semester, Blaze Pizza is giving $5 off any pizza when students also purchase a drink, when using their CrimsonCard.


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