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BFA Exhibition features daring pieces


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The BFA students, along with the Integrated New Media students, showcased their best work and senior pieces at the BFA Exhibition on Thursday, March 28. Faculty, family, friends and community supporters were in attendance as the seniors explained their inspiration behind their work. The 11 artists also spoke on their overall journey through their respective programs.

Cayla Phommarath pictured with her largest piece that showcases a butterfly. PHOTO BY/Taylor Waldron

Graphic Design major, Cayla Phommarath, displayed multiple mixed media pieces. Phommarath says she’s heavily inspired by nature and that inspiration is reflected in her fluid art, sculpture and in her seamstress work. Phommarath experimented with some textile work and displayed several pillows and multiple fashion pieces. Her largest piece, a painting of a butterfly, captivated the room.

Xitlali Diaz pictured with her series, “Sanctuary.” PHOTO BY/Taylor Waldron

Once named a “Triple Threat” by “Aspire” magazine, Xitlali Diaz studies photography, graphic design and printmaking. For the BFA Exhibition, Diaz displayed a photography series titled “Sanctuary.” The series highlights real-life individuals taking their daily showers.

According to Diaz, a shower is truly the only time when humans can be fully alone. A shower allows someone to be completely vulnerable, but secure at the same time.

“Two years ago, my anxiety was really bad. And I noticed that I would take showers when I wasn’t feeling good or when I was stressed out. Afterward, I would feel better. Even if you have kids who follow you to the bathroom, the curtain is closed, the door is closed and you have your space,” Diaz said.

For her series, Diaz photographed models in their own homes, taking their daily shower. The photos have a beautifully raw and almost uncomfortable feeling to them. Discomfort is what Diaz hoped to ensue in the viewers of her art.

“I want people to feel uncomfortable because it kind of lets them know their comfort level with nudity. I’m a Christian and we believe your body is pure and it’s your temple, but I also don’t feel like you should be embarrassed by it,” Diaz said.

Other student exhibits included interactive gaming, movie trailers, posters, commercial graphic design skills and other abstract pieces using materials like drumsticks and 3D-printed items.

Marissa Williams
A piece by Marissa Williams titled, “A light in the Dark Poster.” PHOTO BY/Taylor Waldron

If you would like to view the BFA work, stop by the gallery in the Education & Arts building. The exhibit will run through Saturday, April 6 in the gallery. Normal gallery hours are from 12-5 p.m. and it is completely free.

Savannah McCaslin
A piece by Savannah McCaslin titled, “But First…” PHOTO BY/Taylor Waldron


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