SGA elections approach

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The Student Government Association (SGA) hosts elections every spring semester to elect their next set of officials. There are 16 positions to fill in the SGA. The positions include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 12 Senators.

“The terms are for one year and start after Final Exams and run into Finals of the next year,” said Scott Strittmatter, director of Housing and Student Life for IU South Bend.

“To run for one of the positions a student needs to fill out an application, found on TitanAtlas in the forms section or on the SGA page in TitanAtlas. This is to verify they meet the requirements to run for SGA,” said Strittmatter.

The elections are all electronic, completely online.

The eligibility guidelines for which students are eligible to run for office in the SGA are also listed on the application forms located on the TitanAtlas at

The elections will open at midnight on Tuesday, April 16, and polls will close at midnight on Wednesday, April 17. Once the results are confirmed they will be released to the public.

Be sure to go online and vote for your future SGA representatives.

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