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IU School of Medicine invites students to open house


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The IU School of Medicine is hosting an open house on Friday, March 8 from 4-6 p.m. at the Raclin-Carmichael Hall Auditorium.

Shahir S. Rizk, assistant professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the faculty advisor for the Biology and Chemistry Club club, said the club aims to help students with their goals.

“[ They] aim to help science students, especially those interested in a career in the biomedical fields, to get exposure to their future careers. They also organize several outreach events to engage the community in science educational events,” said Rizk.

President and founder of the Pre-Health Professions Club (PHPC) at IU South Bend, Asher Brow, sees this event as carrying out the goals he set when creating the PHPC.

“I founded PHPC to establish a place on campus that would create lasting professional relationships with clinics, hospitals and current healthcare experts as well as medical schools, dental schools and schools of related fields,” said Brow.

During the open house, students will get opportunities to establish these relationships through meeting with the Director of Medical Education and networking with other medical school students.

“We are organizing this function for the pre-medical students in the club, to facilitate partnership and networking opportunities for them with local medical school students and faculty. Students also will have a chance to converse with the Director of Medical Education concerning the MCAT, and admission requirements,” related Brow.

Students will have the opportunity to tour the facilities and gain vital information about various programs offered. With all of the valuable experience to be gained from this event, it is an opportunity that those interested in medicine and the medical profession will not want to miss.

“This event will help pre-med students get an idea on how to prepare for a career in medicine and what life is like as a medical student,” concluded Rizk.

The Raclin-Carmichael Hall Auditorium is located is located at 1234 N. Notre Dame Ave, South Bend. The event is listed on Titan Atlas and is co-hosted with the Pre-Health Professions Club at IUSB (PHPC), and the Biology and Chemistry Club along with the Indiana University School of Medicine.

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