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IU South Bend will be hosting a bee art contest this April to help the community become educated on the importance the black and yellow insects.

Julianne Rieckmann, a worker for the Bee Art Contest, and the Center for a Sustainable Future will be holding a bee art contest on April 18 in the Fine Arts building.

“I want the artist to be educated on the bee issue,” Rieckmann said. “What we do affects the bees like removing all the weeds, weeds pollinate the bees.”

The Bee Art Contest will be held in order for people to understand why and how the bees are dying.

“What I do is educate the artist and present the bee issue, the people who view the art will be educated as well. My goal is to have the artist and the viewers educated about the bees,” Rieckmann said.

It can be any type of art and media entered in the contest.

“You have to be an undergraduate or graduate student to be entered in the contest,” Rieckmann said.

The winner will be announced during the event. The contest will go on from 4-7:30 p.m in the Fine Arts building.

“You need to present the issue in a clear way and an artistic view. There will be judges and they will be looking to see if it is a bee issue,” Rieckmann said.

The deadline for registration is March 22, and there will be more dates to come for the artist to drop off their artwork. There will also be a preview of the gallery so people can see some of the artwork before.

The contest will be held one hour prior to the Earth Day event planned in The Grille.

“We have two beehives on campus and unfortunately bees are dying all around the world,” Rieckmann said.

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