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French Club offers local spring break trips


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Members of the French Club have the chance to go to Chicago every semester. This March, the French Club has two dates that students can attend.

“Each [trip] is fairly different. We usually will do something with the French Cultural Institute in Chicago,” said President of the French Club Adam Metcalfe.

The month of March is French Heritage Month, so the timing is ideal for Spring Break.

“Whenever we go it’s normally something different. What makes the trip this semester different is we’re actually [having] a chance to do two different days, whereas previously [we were] doing one day, one time going,” said Metcalfe.

The days students can go are March 9 and 16, both Saturdays. March 9 is at a book fair having a roundtable discussion with Francophone authors, and the March 16 trip is a showing of three different French films.

“It’s different [from other trips] because it has more variety than we’ve had before,” Metcalfe explained.

Students do not need to attend French classes or even know French in order to attend the events.

“Anyone that is interested, that would like to know more about French things including food, because we do go the French Market in Chicago [can join],” Metcalfe said. “If you study French, great, but it is not a necessary thing.”

The only prerequisite that the French Club asks is $10 to reserve your ticket.

“We’re asking them to give $10 to reserve their place but once we get to Chicago the $10 is then given back to them,” Metcalfe said. “That way if somebody says they’re coming, we would have to buy the tickets for the French Cultural Institute in advance so we would like to not be on the hook or put the SGA in this case on the hook for the money that didn’t do anything.”

Metcalfe encourages students to attend and even if students cannot attend the event but what to participate within the club, the French Club also offers a community outreach program called “Translate for Toddlers.”

“Translate for Toddlers” is a program that translates easy English books into French to help native French speakers to learn both French and English. They are currently looking for more artistic students/volunteers to help with the calligraphy and typography for the books.

Students can get involved in any of these events by emailing the French Club at

French Club Trip
A previous French club trip to Chicago. Photo provided by Adam Metcalfe.

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