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With many changes happening around campus, advising experiences may be changing as well. How has your advising experience when planning this semester and this school year? We asked you.



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Jamie Adams poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/TANNIA JOHNSON

“I thought it was going to be a lot more stressful than it actually was. My advisor is very engaging and willing to walk through every step whenever I need to speak to him”


-Jamie Adams, Junior, Political Science major, Mass Communications minor



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Loren Vukovits poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/TANNIA JOHNSON






“My advising has always gone well! Tami Martinez has been my advisor for three years and she has been great. As long as you schedule your appointment on her door, she covers the rest. I highly recommend her.

-Loren Vukovits, Senior, Mass Communications major.



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Jasmin Arcineda poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/TANNIA JOHNSON

“Advising was a real struggle for me this semester. My minor advisor was leaving the country. I had to choose another advisor. Also, one of my classes were canceled early in December due to the lack of students enrolled in the course. I had to go seek advising the week before classes resumed to sign up for another class. I waited for almost two hours to meet with my advisor. I was only in her office for less than five minutes. I was very frustrated and now, four of my classes are scheduled on the same day due to these complications.”


-Jasmin Arcineda, Junior, Marketing major, Mass Communications minor



Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez poses for a photo. PHOTO BY/TANNIA JOHNSON

“My advising went well. My mom is an educator and academic administrator here at IU South Bend, Tami Martinez. I pretty much handle my advising myself.” -Sebastian Martinez, Junior, Mass Communications major



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