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We Asked You: Mayor Pete’s presidential aspirations


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With the launch of his presidential exploratory committee, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend has announced his plan to run for United States President in 2020. At the State of the Union Watch Party hosted by the American Democracy Project of IU South Bend on Feb. 5, IU South Bend students were asked “What is your opinion on Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president?”

“I think it’s cool. It really gets South Bend on the map, I feel. I think it’s very interesting to have had experience living under Mayor Pete for the last seven to eight years so, to be familiar with one of the presidential candidates is something that I haven’t had before, so it’s definitely a different perspective. Its very fun to go onto national forums on Facebook and see all of the Mayor Pete experts who have never lived in Indiana. It’s interesting to see that dynamic. We’ll see where it goes, either way I wish him the best of luck.”

Copy of Stephen Holmes
Stephen Holmes. PHOTO BY/ Tannia Johnson

Stephen Holmes, IU South Bend student body Vice President


Copy of Kevin Shascheck
Kevin Shascheck. PHOTO BY/ Tannia Johnson











“Having interned in his office last year, I can confidently say that there is no one that I can think of that is more qualified or ready to be president than Mayor Pete.”

Kevin Schascheck, IU South Bend student body President

Copy of Ryan Holman
Ryan Holman. PHOTO BY/Tannia Johnson

“I think he could be somebody that surprises people. He, admittedly, nationwide isn’t the most known, but I feel like if people got to know him and found out more about him, he could be somebody that the American public can really get behind. So yeah, in a nutshell I guess I’d say he might actually surprise people.”

Ryan Holman, IU South Bend student


Copy of Rachel Kario
Rachel Kario. PHOTO BY/ Tannia Johnson











“I think Mayor Pete would be a great President. He’s really done a lot for South Bend. He also really cares about diversity and the citizens. He does what he can for people and doesn’t do it for his own image. I personally think that he would put citizens first and do what’s best for the country. It would be a great face for the LGBTQ community as well. Hopefully he at least does well.”

Rachel Kario, IU South Bend student


Copy of Adam Lein
Adam Lein. PHOTO BY/Tannia Johnson

“You know, I think it’s a phenomenal idea, regardless because it is a little bit early in his career, but when it comes down to it, it’s going to be publicity, and any publicity is good publicity. I think he would have had a really solid chance running against Jackie Walorski for a Congressional position. He could have easily won, but the publicity being the presidential candidate is going to bring him may be more. Although we do have a lot of candidates running, I think he’s got an excellent platform so we’ll see how it goes.”

Adam Lein, Student Government Association Chief of Staff


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