Plastic lid collection for future benches at Elkhart County 4-H Fair ground

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The Center for a Sustainable Future will be collecting soda and water bottle lids for the Elkhart County 4-H Fair’s Lids for Benches program.

“The buckets will be placed next to the blue recycling bins in Wiekamp, Northside and the Grill with a flyer showing which plastics we are collecting,” said Tracy Horvath, Zero Waste Coordinator.

The lids collected will be donated to the Elkhart County 4-H Fair’s Lids for Benches program. The program tranforms 400 pounds of recycled plastic to make a six-foot bench, according to

“We are collecting High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Polypropylene (PP),” Horvath said.

All lids and caps must be cleaned and dried before they are put in the buckets around campus.

The lids and caps that are acceptable to put in the bucket are from: medicine bottles, hair spray, paint, deodorant, milk jug, flip top caps, toothpaste tubes, ointment tubes, drink bottles. Other containers whose lids may be accepted for the bench program are cottage cheese, sour cream, as well as whipped cream, peanut butter and mayonnaise containers.

“Every cap or lid that goes into a bench does not go into the landfill,” the page for Lids for Benches states. “A win-win situation.”

Recycled Bench
A bench that was made from recycled plastic lids and caps. Photo provided by Tracy Horvath.


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