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More student artwork to be put on campus


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Josh Miller, gallery director for IU South Bend, is looking to spruce up the campus with current student work. The artwork will be placed over the summer, but Miller is currently looking for Fine Arts students to submit their work to be put on loan at IU South Bend.

Unfortunately, the university does not have the means to purchase student work, but this does look good for CVs for future employers.

“We have an art school and want to show student work. Not just in this building, but elsewhere because generally, people are interested in what we do,” Miller said.

Artwork will be placed all throughout campus since much of the art hanging up has been there for years. As of now, Miller is looking into placing work in various parts of Northside, the Franklin D. Schurz Library and the Administration Building.

“It made me think of the fact that I usually use a collection for Northside or performance stock photos, which I do still do. I would like to use more student work or alumni work, but a lot of stuff I have already shown. I think some fresh artwork would be good,” Miller said.

Any medium of work will be accepted, and frames will be provided if needed. Sculptures will be limited due to the amount of display cases available. If the artwork is not put up, it does not mean it is not ever going up. It could be held off due to space. The process is first come, first serve.

It must be noted that work must not weigh more than 30 pounds because of how the work is to be hung. Unlike the gallery, the university does not allow artwork to be hung up traditionally. Instead, work is put on a track.

Because of expressed interest, there will be more opportunities to show student work on campus in the fall semester. Miller is in the process of creating a form that a student or a group of students can fill out to hold their own exhibition.

“If a student had a portfolio they would like to show, we could go over it and show it. If you wanted to get together with a bunch of students and put to together a show, let me know. I can put together the paperwork. The only jurying I would do is that the work is not overly offensive or something. I’m sure it would not be, but I have to make sure what is going up,” Miller said.

If interested in taking part in this initiative, Miller is accepting work at the end of the semester to hang up over the summer. More opportunities to display artwork are sure to come to IU South Bend Students.


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