IU South Bend gets first fine arts club

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IU South Bend is host to many clubs, one not among these, is a fine arts club, until now. With the help of William (Bill) Tourtillotte, who will function as the club’s staff advisor, art enthusiasts and IU South Bend students Kolt Sizer and Julia Kanestrom aim to make this happen.

“An art club is something Bill and I talked about last semester, but nothing ever came of it since there wasn’t enough interest to back it,” said Sizer.

However, this semester, the idea was reintroduced by Tourtillotte and Kanestrom, who teamed up with Sizer to help found the club.

“The purpose of this club is to really create a community of peers, and people who generally love art, we all have different backgrounds and perspectives, we can all learn from each other and together gain a greater understanding and appreciation of art,” said Sizer.

The handout given at the first meeting of the unofficial club also emphasized not just a community on campus but the surrounding community as well. Sizer went on to say how he would like the group to work, not just with the campus, but the community in the area as well.

To be an official club at IU South Bend, the club must have a staff advisor, president, vice president, treasurer and at least one secretary. The staff advisor and the officers must also go before the Office of Student Life to meet and go over the responsibilities of the officers and of a club on campus. The officers have not yet been completely decided, though according to Sizer, the officers will be picked and the club made official by next week.

The club will begin meeting on Thursdays, at approximately 5:30 p.m., in room 130 of the Fine Arts building on campus. Meetings will last around an hour to an hour and a half.

Anyone who has an appreciation for art is welcome to join, however to be an official member of the group with group voting privileges, you must attend 80% of the meetings.

Kolt sizer 2
Kolt Sizer discussing the soon to be fine arts club on campus. PHOTO BY/Zachary Beauchamp


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