Staying safe on campus

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When traveling across IU South Bend’s campus, there are ways to ensure that you can protect yourself. With the shortened daylight hours through the winter months, safety rises as a concern for some. From carrying defense mechanisms to physical preparation, you may want to evaluate ways to stay safe on campus.

In IU South Bend’s Misconduct Definitions, it has been determined that “Possession of any weapon or potential weapon on any university property contrary to law or university policy; possession or display of any firearm on university property, except in the course of an authorized activity” is a form of misconduct.

What can you carry on campus to protect yourself?

IU Police Department Lieutenant Brandon Campbell explained that “Carrying pepper spray is never discouraged. There should be no knives, specifically over three inches on campus, and there is a no tolerance policy for firearms, of course. When ensuring campus safety, especially before dawn or after dusk, citizens should try to practice safety tactics such as walking in groups, and being aware of their surroundings. Do not hesitate to call IU South Bend’s University Police for an escort when feeling apprehensive.”

There are also various emergency call boxes located across campus when needed. Call boxes can be identified by bright blue lights sitting on top of them.


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