Progress on campus wide access to tampons

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Last fall most campus bathrooms were absent of menstrual supplies for women across campus. This semester, things are beginning to change after stress has been placed on the need for student access to basic necessities in all of the campus bathrooms.

Michael Prater, the Director of Facilities Management, mentioned that these changes have not all been implemented yet but are soon to happen.

“We were asked to identify a means to offer the supplies on campus that would improve on the mixed methods that we had previously which included no supplies, 10, 25 and 50 cent dispensers,” said Prater.

Part of the reason that creating easy to access, low cost, and free options for students has been an issue is budget related.

“Dispensers that offered a no cost dispense were identified for the initial installation, complete coverage was deemed too costly to implement in a single project. Complete coverage would cost well over $20,000 dollars before supplies. Eight machines have been ordered with six arriving late in the break and another two just arriving, these will be spread across campus,” said Prater.

While many students may still struggle to have access to the supplies they need, they can look for the progress implemented and the further progress yet to come.

“We will explore other options to provide supplies in other locations in the interim,” said Prater.

For something that was deemed a potential Title IX violation last fall, the campus community is being reassured that progress is happening in increments and these issues are being taken seriously across campus.


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