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It is that time of year again. Time to plan classes for the Spring semester, meet with your advisors and look forward to a new semester of fun classes. What classes are you looking forward to next semester and why?  Have you met with your advisor yet? We asked you.


“I am graduating this year but I really enjoyed my Psychology class on Women and Madness. It related to women in our society and the women around us.”

Copy of Rileigh Kasinger
Raleigh Kasigner poses for a photo. Photo/Eva Monhaut

-Rileigh Kasinger (in pink shirt)


“I look forward to my Spanish class because I need to have a closer tie with my roots and family in the south.”

Copy of Erica Gualajara
Erica Gualajara poses for a photo. Photo/Eva Monhaut

-Erica Gualajara (in red sweater)


“I look forward to my historical geology class because I am familiar with the professor and I like having a science background with my sustainability studies.”

Reid Harmacinski poses for a photo. Photo/Eva Monhaut

-Reid Harmacinski (in blue shirt)


“Calculus 3, because it is my last basic math course. I met with my adviser. He is really fantastic, Dr. Song.”

Brendon Handy poses for a photo. Photo/Eva Monhaut

-Brendon Handy (in construction costume)






“I’m taking a Psychology course on childhood and adolescence. I’m excited because I am a social work major and I want to work with kids in the future.”

-Emma Kasarda (in costume with bunny ears)

Emma Kasarda poses for a photo. Photo/Eva Monhaut


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