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The deadline for submissions is slowly approaching for those wishing to have work in campus student publications. The deadline for five journals is Feb. 1. In the display cases of the Franklin D. Schurz Library are past journals, and stacks of recent journals for students to take home and read.

While the date may seem far off, “The articles that they’re going to be publishing are most commonly being written in the fall semester by students,” said Craig Finlay, assistant and scholarly communications librarian, as well as head of student publications.

Craig Finlay
Craig Finlay discusses the importance of student publications and peer-reviewed work. Photo/CHRISTINA CLARK

IU South Bend is unique in having established student peer-reviewed research journals. Student journals and publications that reflect this February deadline are the “Undergraduate Research Journal,” “Undergraduate Research Journal of History,” “Graduate Research Journal,” “New Views on Gender” and “Analecta.”

“Analecta,” IU South Bend’s creative writing and fine arts journal, predates the university’s naming of IU South Bend by a year, being started in 1967 with the university incorporation occuring in 1968, according to Finlay.

The university acted as a true satellite school from Bloomington, originally offering classes at Central High School in South Bend during the Great Depression. “Analecta” was originally titled “Realm,” and copies are on display in the locked case in the library display.

“These are student, peer-reviewed journals,” explained Finlay. “So they’re edited by students, they’re laid out by students, students do the reviewing—it’s all student research activity.”

The journals cover a wide breadth of material and accept work from every school on campus.

“It’s a resume builder, just having been published looks good,” said Ryan Lohman, editor of the “Graduate Research Journal.” “Students go on from graduate programs like this to PhD. programs, and other professional programs at other schools. It’s something that can kind of propel your forward.”

Students who submit research work, if the piece is published, can use the line on their resume.

“It provides you with a link to what is going to be published, a polished, further edited version of your work that you can use if you’re thinking of applying to grad school,” said Finlay.

IU Scholarworks gets the published, peer-reviewed pieces uploaded as well.

“These pieces are getting a lot of hits,” said Finlay.

Students who work in the editing and peer-reviewing process get a taste of what scholarly work entails, which is valuable if they wish to continue to work in research in their field.

Students also do the layout and graphic design, giving a quality, physical example of their work for future employers, or graduate school, as well.

“New Views on Gender” accepts more creative works.

“Art submissions, poetry, creative submissions, photography…the idea is encouraging people to have their voice heard, share their stories,” said Mark Streeter, editor for “New Views on Gender.”

Submissions are “open to anyone who wants to share personal experiences in whatever form works best for them,” said Streeter. “It could also be impersonal, analysis of current events.”

The journals are looking for submissions, and encourage questions to be submitted to the journal’s respected editors.

Deadlines for submissions are Feb. 1.

Students interested in learning more or submitting work to the student journals can find more information here:

“Analecta,” IU South Bend’s Literary and Visual Arts Journal


“URJ” or “Undergraduate Research Journal”


“IU South Bend Undergraduate Research Journal of History”



“IU South Bend Graduate Journal”, or contact Ryan Lohman, Editor, at
Seeking submissions as well as peer reviewers, specifically in the areas of computer science and mathematics


“New Views on Gender”

Contact Mark Streeter, Editor:


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