Stay warm this winter

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Winter is around the corner and snow is starting to fall. Bundle up in the winter essentials the IU South Bend community will need during the winter time. Some of the places around South Bend that have what will be needed at an affordable price are: Walmart, Kohls, Target, T.J. Maxx, Meijer and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Some places like Walmart, Kohl’s, and Amazon have winter accessories sets. All of these places have winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves and boots to keep students warm this season. There are other places IU South Bend students and family can get gently used winter gear. For gently used wear, check out Plato’s Closet, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Churches in Mission and The Boys and Girls Club. Not only can people get winter gear from these places, but people can also donate their gently used winter gear to them.

Winter Wear
Winter wear styled by Ashley. Photo/ASHLEY COX


What to expect to spend:


Cheap winter essentials at Walmart

Coats: $20-$50

Hats: $5-$15

Scarves: $5-$20

Gloves: $5-$20

Boots: $20-$50


Medium priced winter essentials at Kohl’s


Hats: $5-$20

Scarves: $10-$20

Gloves: $10-$40

Boots: $30-$100


Expensive winter essentials at Dicks

Coats: $60-$250

Hats: $15-$40

Scarves: $20-$40

Gloves: $20-$50

Boots: $30-$200


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