We Asked You: How do you feel about the election results?

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“Because I am not big into politics, I feel that it was a positive election now that we have both parties representing in Congress and both voices can be heard,” freshman Tyler Welborn said.

Tyler Welborn poses for a photo. Photo//Ashley Cox


“With this last election I feel that the results were positive because of the diversity: race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.” freshman Kaylee Darnell said.

Kaylee Darnell poses for a photo. Photo//Ashley Cox


“I liked the results, I think it will improve us as a country,” sophomore Savanna Schmitz said.

Savanna Schmitz poses for a photo. Photo//Ashley Cox


“I’m not really into politics, but I’m glad there was a shift in the House giving a balance of liberal and conservative power between the house and senate,” senior Sam Libby said.

Sam Libby poses for a photo. Photo//Ashely Cox


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