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From a Retail Worker to a Black Friday Shopper

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Black Friday is coming soon and retail workers have been preparing for that day since September. From a retail employee’s point of view, here are some tips to get the most out of your Black Friday experience.

Patience is key. Everyone is out shopping, and no matter how much retail workers may prepare; the lines will be long and doorbuster items will go fast. So, have some patience, wear some comfy shoes so you’re not in constant pain waiting in the long lines.

Avoid the fitting rooms. Although it may be tempting to try on every single item in your cart, the fitting room is a chaos room, especially in a clothes store. Also most return policies become a little more lose around the holidays so if the clothes don’t fit, you have a longer window for returning your items.

If you do use the fitting room, please help to streamline your fitting room experience. Consider neatening the clothes on hangers or folding before giving them back to the attendant.

If you suddenly decide Black Friday shopping is not for you or that you suddenly do not want the ten items that are in your cart, please do not dump them in a random area. You can take them to the front of the store and give them to an attendant or worker to put back for you, in the case of wanting a swift exit.

Keep an eye on your children. Not only can they get lost in the store, but they may also mess up merchandise out of boredom or curiosity.

Be courteous in the bathroom. Leave it as close to the condition entered as possible.

Overall, it isn’t hard to make your Black Friday experience great and help the associates help you. With these small little tweaks your Black Friday will be the best one yet.


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