Mold at Purdue Polytechnic

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Black mold has caused major troubles for student and staff part of Purdue Polytechnic. The mold has been growing out of the vents, and was clearly visible for the students and staff to see. The building had to be shut down since the mold was not ceasing and was affecting the students and the staff. Josh Solis, Student Ambassador of the school, said “the building had such high moisture that people could slip and fall on the ground when changing directions.”

The challenge to contain it originally was steep. The mold would grow and spread more if the air conditioning was on high, and if the had the air off the building retained enough heat to make conditions very uncomfortable for students and faculty.

Another issue was that the mold could spread on paper and it could get on files that they have had for years, and all of that work could be ruined.

One professor reportedly got a really bad cold and lost their voice.

The building has been shut down for weeks now, and students have been moved to the Studebaker building where they have had classes. The building is right across from the St. Joe County Jail and near Four Winds Field.

This hasn’t been an ideal place to be though since it is farther away from the school. Safety has been a concern voiced by students as well.

Solis has had a class moved three times due to the ongoing issues.

Purdue and IU South Bend have been flexible with the students because of the issues. The school is also working hard to get this issue taken care of. The First Response team is working on getting the mold issue under control. From the outside, onlookers can see that windows have been removed and boarded up in some cases.

The goal is to re-open Purdue Polytechnic’s building in the spring.

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