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Holistic medicine, scenic attractions and studying in China


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Yet another study abroad trip has become available this summer for students. The Chinese culture and medicine trip gets students immersed in the culture and practicing traditional medicine in China, and explains the unique approach to disease treatment, prevention and health promotion in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The trip is taking place from late May to the first week of June. The leaders for this trip are Professor Cyndi Sofhauser and Professor Yilei Qian.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a non-Western approach to healthcare that arose in Asia several millennia ago. The foundations of TCM are rooted in holism and the idea that health is achieved through balance within oneself and one’s environment. TCM practitioners, in addition to other assessments, employ tongue assessment and three-fingered pulse assessment techniques. They use a variety of treatment modalities, including acupuncture, cupping and herbal therapies,” according to Sofhauser.

The Department of Biological Sciences and Dwyer College of Health Sciences cooperated with the Office of International Programs to offer this study abroad opportunity. The host school that students will be studying at for this trip is Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) in Hangzhou.

No major is required for the trip, but having taken at least one science course and a minimum GPA of 2.75 are required. The cost of the trip is $3700 plus tuition for a 3-credit hour course. Students may use financial aid and scholarships for this trip if they are eligible, such as the IU Overseas Study scholarship for study abroad coursework.

Though students will be immersed in Chinese culture, they will not need to worry about language barriers. Sofhauser and Qian explained that all teachings are in English, many people in the area speak English, and Professor Qian also knows the local language.

“Dr. Sofhauser has a long interest in holistic medicine, and I myself have a great interest in the dynamics between microbes and the human body. The combination of our own background and research and teaching interests makes this a unique program not only in IU South Bend, but also in the entire IU system. We are excited to find out what students can learn from this experience and how it will impact their future careers,” explained Professor Qian.

During the trip, students will also spend evenings after class and weekends visiting Shanghai, Wuzhen, and other cultural sites.

“Not only will students be challenged to think of health care differently, but they will be exposed to the culture of this particular region of China. They will be touring a TCM hospital and visiting a Chinese herbal plantation,” explained Sofhauser.

The application deadline for this trip is February 1. There will be an information session for this trip on November 29 from 4-5 p.m. in Northside 417 for anyone who is interested. For more information on the trip, students may direct questions to either of the trip leaders at their emails, or

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