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Campus tampon absence seen as potential violation of Title IX


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Having access to crucial menstrual supplies on campus is a Title IX right that is being violated in many of our campus facilities, according to some. Some of the buildings on IU South Bend’s campus have no menstrual supply dispensers installed, while others installed sit empty. In some situations, the dispensers are broken. In the case of the few which are filled and do work, those in need still have to pay a quarter.

Other campuses provide their students with free access to menstrual supplies in all of their campus bathrooms.

One of the campus bathrooms that does not have a menstrual supply dispenser. Photo provided by Eva Monhaut

Current Health Sciences student, Libby Pooler, is working on an initiative to make sure all women are provided with sufficient menstrual products in all campus bathrooms.

“Every woman at one time or another has forgot a pad or tampon. That should not impact her ability to get to class on time or completely disable her from going to class,” said Pooler.

She expressed her frustrations at the current situation.

“I honestly don’t know why IUSB doesn’t feel that it’s important to have fully stocked dispensaries, but it is. There is no excuse,” said Pooler.

“Women didn’t miraculously stop having periods, I’m not sure why newer buildings like EA don’t have even a dispensary installed. But they should and they need to…It’s a title IX issue,” stated Pooler.

Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program as IU South Bend, April Lidinsky said that the issues go beyond simply not having access to a tampon or pad.

“Worldwide, the cost of menstrual supplies, and barriers to accessing them, are issues that cause girls to skip or drop out of school, and this furthers gender inequality globally”, stated Lidinsky.

While many campuses are taking up this same initiative, IU South Bend is still struggling to get officials to provide for the individuals on our campus who rely on menstruation supplies.

“As we commit to an inclusive and welcoming campus environment, it’s crucial to be sure all students have access to supplies, so access needs to be made beyond designated ‘women’s’ restrooms,” said Lidinsky.

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