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Scaring up some Halloween entertainment

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If you love scary movies, the fall season is the time to watch one. This year brings moviegoers a remake in theaters of “Halloween.” Jamie Lee Curtis stars in the film, reprising her role as Laurie Strode, as her character works on getting revenge on Michael Myers, her brother, a serial killer who breaks out of prison and once again goes on a mass murder spree on Halloween night.

But if going to the theaters is out of budget, there are cheaper options out there that still have great horror films. Netflix, for example, has a new original series called “The Haunting of Hill House.” This series was first a book written by Shirley Jackson in 1959, and is considered one of the best ghost stories published in the twentieth century.

This film in brief is about a family that lives in a haunted house in the middle of nowhere, and Dr. Montague, a supernatural ghost hunter, who wants to stay in the house and prove the existence of ghosts.

Netflix also has a lot more horror movies to choose from a well- known film is “The Conjuring.” Other titles include “The Witch,” “Oculus,” “The Boy,” and “It Follows.” Those are some of the main horror movies, but Netflix still has a wide variety of horror movies to choose from.

Hulu is another streaming option with Halloween themed entertainment available. Hulu has just added a bunch of horror movies as part of their “Huluween.”

Hulu has added “Jigsaw,” which is part of the “Saw” series. “Shutter Island” is also part of Huluween, and is a psychological thriller that will blow the mind.

For those looking to get off the couch for a scare, a local staple is the Niles Haunted House. Located in Niles, Michigan, they have a haunted house, haunted corn maze and more spooky attractions. A newer haunted attraction local to the Mishawaka area is Legend Park, which advertises horror filled attractions.

Cedar Point, if willing to make the drive, is another fun option. Cedar Point has their own Halloween haunted house and walk that you can do. Plus you can enjoy the amusement park with roller coasters and other thrilling rides.

Maybe horror is not your thing, but that is just fine because there are plenty of other options for Halloween.

Fall is a great time to start watching shows because this is when new shows are released and they aren’t all scary.

Some comedies that are out now are “Big Bang Theory,” “Superstore,” “Modern Family,” “Black-ish,” “Goldbergs,” and more.

Either way if horror is what you are going for this Halloween or just looking to have some laughs there is something for you coming this Halloween season.

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