Neovi Karakatsanis’s experience at Indiana US Senate debate

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By: Ashley Cox

Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, Neovi Karakatsanis, professor of political science and director of the IU South Bend Honors Program, had the privilege to ask a question at the Indiana U.S. Senate Debate.

Her experience at the debate was, “a lot of fun.”

“While I have attended debates in the past as a member of the audience, this was the first time I was asked to serve as a questioner,” Karakatsanis said.

The debate took place in Westville, Indiana. The U.S. Senate candidates were incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly (D), Mike Braun (R) and Lucy Brenton (L).

According to Karakatsanis she got a backstage view of the debate, and got to see what happens behind the scenes.

“I had never realized how many people are actively involved in planning, organizing and overseeing debates,” Karakatsanis said.

Karakatsanis was one of the few that got to ask a question to the candidates.

Her question she asked was: “In his address to the UN recently, President Trump praised Kim Jong-un of North Korea for his courage and for the steps he has taken, including the cessation of nuclear testing, the release of US prisoners, and the return of fallen US soldiers. Do you believe that Kim Jong-un is prepared to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and engage in unilateral disarmament and what would be the most successful policy course the United States should follow at this time regarding North Korea?”

Karakatsanis believed that her question was not answered by any of the candidates. The candidates instead reframed the question.

“The candidates reframed the question to address an issue they were more prepared to discuss- that of US foreign policy towards Iran,” Karakatsanis said.

Overall Karakatsanis had a fun experience at the Senate debate, and got to learn a lot from it.

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