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We asked you: Voting Edition


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With midterm elections coming up, there is a lot of awareness on campus for everybody to register to vote. We asked you: Are you registered to vote, and do you feel that your vote matters?

“Yes, I am registered to vote. I feel like my vote matters locally, but not nationally. I do not think that we make the ultimate decision when it come to things like the presidential election,” said Catie Degucz.

Degucz, Catie
Catie Degucz poses for a photo. Photo by Megan Hayes.

“I am not currently registered to vote, but I feel that voting is important and that my vote does matter. We have the opportunity to speak our minds, and so we should exercise that right. If you want to be able to make a change, this is our opportunity to try to make that change happen,” said Melissa Swanson.

Swanson, Melissa
Melissa Swanson poses for a photo. Photo by Megan Hayes




“I am registered to vote. I do not feel like my vote really matters, because those elected are going to do what they want regardless of the changes that we want made,” said Amanda Jones.

Jones, Amanda
Amanda Jones poses for a photo. Photo by Megan Hayes.

“Yes. I think that my vote matters in the local elections, but not in the presidential election. Unless you are voting for the main candidate of either party, I feel that it really does not matter,” said Brandi Foster.

Foster, Brandi
Brandi Foster poses for a photo. Photo by Megan Hayes.


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