Staff Profile: Meet Sam Hoover

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Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Sam Hoover. I am a junior this year at IUSB. I am a Journalism major and minoring in Film Studies. This is my first year at The Preface. I am actually an intern this semester but hopefully after this semester I can stay and be a staff writer. I really enjoy working at The Preface because it has taught me to be on top of things and is also teaching me what it’s like to be working for a paper and all of the duties.

I am really learning to take good notes while I am interviewing and also learning better communication skills as well. But more about me besides my school background.

Sam Hoover holding a snake. Photo provided by Sam Hoover.

One thing about me that a lot of people find both funny and strange is I absolutely love squirrels. I am that guy on campus who while the squirrels are roaming around I am trying to pet them. I one day would love to own a squirrel.

I am also a huge Bulls fan. My car is just full of Bulls stuff. I have decals and car mats that are all Chicago Bulls. My favorite player while growing up was Michael Jordan, even though I didn’t get to watch him live because I was too young, I still got to watch his highlights. Plus YouTube has some of his full games on there too.

I also love sports in general, after college I really hope to become a sports reporter because since I never was good enough to be in the NBA myself, I would love to do the next best thing which is to get paid to go watch them play and be able to interview the players and coaches.

Sports have been my life since I was a kid when I was just five years old I was watching SportsCenter and trying to keep up with players stats. Sports are my passion and that’s why I want to be a reporter in the field.

I didn’t only watch sports though, I also played them. My best sport was tennis. In high school I played all four years of high school and I played varsity. I was our number one doubles player and also a team captain. Tennis is a sport that I have always loved and I worked very hard in high school to get to the spot I was at. I had no offseason.

But besides sports I also like to hang out with friends and be involved in my church. I also love to go fishing.

I have done a lot in my life so far but I know that it is just beginning and I can’t wait to see what other paths lie ahead for me.

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