SGA update with Kanopy accruing unforeseen costs, French Club plans trip

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One funding request and a visit from the campus librarians marked this past week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.

Vicki Bloom and two other librarians headed over to the SAC to try to resurrect the Student Advisory Council for library services at IU South Bend. The council only meets twice a year and counts as one of the SGA’s requirements of serving on an external committee. Taylor Jump, secretary, and Sarah Bull, senator, both expressed interest in joining.

Bloom also came to the meeting to tell the SGA members that Kanopy, a legal-movie streaming site that clubs use to host movie showings, might have limited access soon.

With professors and classes using the site, the business model of Kanopy functions in a way that once something is watched or started three times, the university gets charged. So far, IU South Bend has spent $20,000 in a short amount of time, which was not anticipated.

The library services are asking club members and professors to use other free streaming sites, like Docuseek, Films on Demand and Academic Video Online.

They also suggest that if a club expects less than 50 people to come to a film screening, then they can use IU’s Reslife Cinema service, which keeps up-to-date every month with new and classic movies.

The French Club asked for a total of $705 for funding for a Chicago trip that will happen Nov. 10. The club will be taking 15 people on the South Shore to see a French market and an option to either go to The Art Institute of Chicago or see a French author give a presentation about their new book.

The members of the club state that this annual trip has been successful in years past. Many students who have went declared their minor in French.

In past years, the SGA asked the French Club to have students pay just $10 for the trip. The French Club planned for that to happen, and asked to be funded $555. However, the SGA decided to keep this trip open for everyone, and fully funded it to $705.

Lastly, IT made a report that ATT Wi-Fi will soon be completely replaced with IU Guest Wi-Fi. Since the contract is expiring, the university felt as though that it was best to make the change. IT stated that this would not affect the current speed of Wi-Fi.

On Friday, Oct. 26 the SGA will meet in Fireside at 9 a.m. for their last meeting of the month.

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