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Club Profile: French Club

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Parlez-vous Français? Have you been looking for a fun club to join? Have you ever had an interest in French? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the French club may be for you.

IU South Bend’s French club normally meets around once a week and they always have something going on.

“We really want to bring French culture to the university,” said Adam Lein, who does the social media for the French Club.

Lein talked about how the French Club is really trying to get involved in the community and bring the culture to the South Bend area. The club hosts a weekly “Translate for Toddlers” at the public library in South Bend. “Translate for Toddlers” is where they read children’s books to young, French speaking children to help them learn English.

The club is also trying to plan a Chicago trip Nov. 10. They want to go out and go see the French community in Chicago, learn more about their culture and try all kinds of different French foods. The president of the French Club is Adam Metcalfe and the Vice President is Austin Batalis.

The French club is a quickly growing club with more activity on campus and in the community. Lein, who is a political science major and is taking French here on campus, joined the club because he said he “loves the culture.”

You don’t have to be a French major, or even be taking French, to join the club. If you want to try a club and get involved in the campus and community, follow the French Club on Instagram at le_cercle_francais_iusb.

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