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We Asked You: Do you get your food on campus?

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While running around on campus do you get hungry? With different food locations at IU South Bend’s campus, students and staff have a few choices while on the go. Do you decide to go to a location on campus to eat, or would you rather go off campus? We asked you.

Student Manuel Garcilazo’s response was, “No, I don’t eat on campus. I don’t have money to spend like that on IUSB’s food.”

Manuel Garcilazo poses for a photo. Photo by Tannia Johnson

Student Kenzie Yoder said, “Yes, I do eat here on campus. Reason being is that I don’t really have much time between classes to leave campus to go get food!”

Kenzie Yoder poses for a photo. Photo by Tannia Johnson
Mutheu Muthusi poses for a photo. Photo by Tannia Johnson


Third-year student Mutheu Muthusi replied, “Yes, I eat here on campus when I have no other options. I rarely do eat here because it’s expensive, the lines are long, or the campus Grill is always closed.”


Student Logan Jones’ response was, “Sometimes I do eat on campus because it’s easier than going home.”

Logan Jones poses for a photo. Photo by Tannia Johnson


First-year student Arianna McGee’s response was, “I do eat at the Grill in between classes because it’s pretty cheap, but the lines are always long.”

Arianna McGee poses for a photo. Photo provided by Tannia Johnson.

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