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The mind of a jungle demon


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On Friday Oct. 5, IU South Bend sophomore Kate Luce debuted her artwork at her first public art show titled, “The Mind of a Jungle Demon” in Michigan City, Ind. at The Quality Beet coffee house. Luce is currently double-majoring in both Journalism and Fine arts with a concentration in painting in drawing. She is also working on a minor in printmaking.

The Mind of a Jungle Demon
The Mind of a Jungle Demon Art Opening. Photo by Taylor Waldron

The art show had a sizeable turn out. The room was packed with students, community members and general supporters of local artists. Luce’s work showcased the beauty and horror of nature intertwined with the complexity of human emotion and how dark the mind can seem.

“Inside the mind of a jungle demon can be terrifying to most, but for those who find condolence with my emotions or feel a sense of understanding to the work, I thank you for that support,” said Luce in her artist’s statement.

As someone who openly discloses her struggles with depression, Luce credits her artwork as having been an outlet for her to express and process her emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

The show featured two gallery-style walls displaying 30 original pieces. Luce also had stickers and prints of her work for sale. Friends and supporters Megan Hayes and Ashley Ward each purchased a few of their favorite pieces.

“Kate’s work is just so unique and I’m so happy to be here supporting her. It’s like watching your child succeed and I get to be the proud mom-friend,” said Hayes.

“Kate’s art is awesome and spooky and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more,” said Ward.

The show also featured live music from local artists Emily Jane Powers and the band, MREY. Each act was well-received by the attendees and seemed to fit well with the theme of the night.

Quality Beet- The Mind of a Jungle Demon
Sign outside of The Quality Beet in Michigan City, IN for the art showcase, “The Mind of a Jungle Demon”. Photo by Taylor Waldron

“The show went amazingly. I’m not even sure how to explain how surreal it was to see people who support me with my work just show up and validate that what I’m doing is what I’m meant to be doing,” said Luce.

“I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a long time. I just want to celebrate creating and life and to give condolence to those who feel alone with what they may be going through. This show is only the start to everything I want to do with my work. I’m just very glad to be alive right now,” said Luce.

Alongside Luce during the show were her family, friends and her professor and mentor Bill Tourtillotte. Tourtillotte teaches fine arts and printmaking at IU South Bend.

“I would like to thank my amazing art professors…Ron Monsma and Bill Tourtillotte, who have pushed me to create work I never thought I would be able to. I would also like to thank everyone who helped me during the several weeks of getting everything ready for this opening, including my parents, who have supported my work all these years”, said Luce in her artist’s statement.

Luce’s work will be on display at The Quality Beet in Michigan City, IN until November.

To see Luce’s work, check out her instagram, @pineapplegoth. To order prints, stickers, and more, contact Kate Luce via email at

The Mind of a Jungle Demon
Gallery wall at Kate Luce’s art showcase, “The Mind of a Jungle Demon”. Photo by Taylor Waldron
The Mind of a Jungle Demon
Second gallery wall at Kate Luce’s art opening. Photo by Taylor Waldron

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