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Last year The “Lord of the Rings” Club started at IU South Bend, and it is probably one of those clubs that you still may not have heard much about. The current club consists of about 50 members on Titan Atlas who share a love of “Lord of the Rings.”

Lord of the Rings Club
From right to left: Neil Rippey, Blake Herwick, Prof. Richard Ellman, Melanie Garcia. acting out a LOTR scene during a charades session. Photo provided by Maddie Garcia.

While typically club meetings may consist of book and movie discussion the club is also planning some campus wide events this semester.

Current Club President, Maddie Garcia, an Education major here at IU South Bend, encourages students to attend these campus wide events such as a “Lord of the Rings” trivia night, game night and a Lord of the Rings charades night.

The “Lord of the Rings” Club unites fans and offers them a chance to discuss their shared love of the series.

“Growing up with the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series made me love it…it is such an epic story which has a diverse set of characters that you can relate to, as well as the story as a whole,” said Garcia. “How everyone lives their lives [and] this idea of the hero’s journey. My favorite character is Aragorn, he is this selfless father figure, very heroic and moral, which I appreciate,” said Garcia.

If interested, visit Titan Atlas and request to join the club for more information or email club president, Maddie Garcia at

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