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Campus Starbucks finally gets almond milk


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The Starbucks in the Education and Arts Building is finally serving coffee with almond milk.

Previously students could order coffee with soy milk but for students who could not use soy or lactose-based products, there was no other milk options.

Andrew Vardell, general manager of Sodexo at IU South Bend, said that the reason they did not carry almond milk before was because of availability.

“Not everything is available day one,” Vardell said. “Things that are on grocery shelves aren’t readily available to us. And with a branded company like Starbucks, we have to work with their products.”

The Starbucks on campus decided to start serving almond milk so that students who are lactose intolerant and can’t tolerate soy, can have access to another option.

Students can access almond milk on the Starbucks menu as of Oct. 3.

“We are also adding two Refreshers to the menu,” Vardell said.

Refreshers are a standard at most Starbucks across the country as a caffeinated alternative to coffee and tea.

“Holiday flavors such as pumpkin spice are now available,” Vardell said. Maple pecan is said by Vardell to arrive within a week.

Students who are interested in trying out the new options can stop by the Starbucks in the EA Building.

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