A Short Guide to the Nov. 6 Elections Part 2


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Office Name: City Council Representative, District H (4 years)

Office Summary: The City Council is responsible for creating and executing any local laws, ordinances or other legislative duties. The District H representative will be one of nine members contributing their voice to the Council.


Candidate Name: Joe Canarecci

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Previous Experience: Mishawaka City Councilman-At-Large (2016-present)

Major Issues: Constituent Services, Transparency, Collaboration in government

Campaign Website:


Candidate Name: Brian Pawlowski

Party Affiliation: Republican

Previous Experience: Enlistment in Marine Corps (to 2017), Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Pete, Member of South Bend’s Board of Public Safety

Major Issues: Bipartisan collaboration, Public Safety Staff support, Partnership between public and private entities

Campaign Website:


Office Name:  Prosecuting Attorney (2 years)

Office Summary:  The Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for representing the local government in criminal cases for St. Joseph County.


Candidate Name: Kenneth Cotter

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Previous Experience: Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (8 years), Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (12 years), St. Joe County Prosecuting Attorney (2015-present)

Major Issues: Prosecute violent criminals, rehabilitate others, and respect victims of violent crime

Campaign Website: (Indiana Prosecuting Attorney Council page)


Office Name: Saint Joe County Sheriff

Office Summary: responsible for patrols and the operating of county jails.


Candidate Name: Bill Redman

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Previous Experience: DARE program, school resource and security officer, 24 years on South Bend PD.

Major Issues: reduce crime, stop opioid abuse through education, improve school safety, increase gun control in regards to mental health.

Campaign Website:


Candidate Name: Paul Jonas

Party Affiliation: Republican

Previous Experience: four years in Marines, SWAT, 30 years on South Bend Police Department

Major Issues: no increased gun control, preventing opioids from entering community, protecting schools by having police presence.


Office Name: Probate Judge

Office Summary: Oversees all aspects of the probate court system


Candidate Name: Jim Fox (Incumbent)

Party Affiliation: Republican

Major Issues: Decreasing the amount of detained youth through probation instead of jail time. Improving conditions in current facilities.


Candidate Name: Jason Cichowicz

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Previous Experience: Indiana attorney general’s office, St. Joe County Prosecutor’s Office.

Major Issues: Minor jail time for juveniles, start handling truancy cases.

Campaign Website:

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