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Staff Profile: Get to know Henry Freese


Henry Freese
Henry Freese stands outside Wrigley Field in Chicago, Ill. on Friday, Oct. 28, 2016 along with his sister Sarah Freese

Hello! My name is Henry Freese, and I am a senior here at Indiana University South Bend. This is my first semester working at “The Preface” campus newspaper here at Indiana University South Bend. I am working towards obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Journalism, as well as obtaining a minor in History.

I hope to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Journalism, and possibly obtain a Master’s degree in Sports Journalism, as well, in the possibly near future. I hope to either one day write for a newspaper sports section, or become a sports play-by-play broadcaster, hopefully one day in Major League Baseball.

I have a personal “bucket list” goal of mine to one day ride my bicycle to all thirty Major League Baseball stadiums in North America.

Another one of my activities which I do less frequently than riding my bicycle, but still greatly enjoy, is going sailing on my dad’s friend’s sailboat, which we take sailing across Lake Michigan twice a year, from Chicago, Ill. to Michigan City, Ind., and vice versa. I have been sailing on and off on that sailboat, since I was about five or six years old, which has been a lot of fun, as well as being pretty scary at times as well, when the weather took a turn for the worse.

I graduated from New Prairie High School, located in New Carlisle, Ind., on June 7, 2015. I also have a twin sister, named Sarah Freese, who is one minute older than I am. I was born on April 17, 1996, in Duluth, Minn.

I have extended family living in Texas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida and Iowa. I have lived most of my life in Rolling Prairie, Ind., but have also lived in Duluth, Minn., Atlanta, Ga., and Chesterton, Ind.

I am a huge Chicago Cubs and Minnesota Twins Major League Baseball Team fan, as well as being a Major League Baseball fan in general. I also really just enjoy going for long bicycle rides in my free time, as I really enjoy getting outside and exploring places around where I live, as well as being more active outside in my free time. I also really enjoy going kayaking.

The things that I hope to accomplish with my time here at “The Preface” is for me to cover a wide variety of story types, and to help provide valuable information about campus events, and other useful information to the campus. I am really looking forward to working at “The Preface” this semester!

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