SGA funds two events for the upcoming months

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By Kate Luce

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) had two funding requests this past Friday. The Japanese Club and the History Club came in to ask for funds to put on an event and a trip.

The Japanese Club asked for $1050 for their annual sushi demonstration and tasting. The club will be hosting it on Nov. 8, which is later than normal. This is the club’s second biggest event of the academic year, following the Asian Heritage Festival in April.

The demonstration coincides with International Education Week, and its goal is to help students get a feel of non-western culture.

This event is taking place in Fireside during lunch hours and is set to bring in 150 students and faculty. Several varieties of sushi will be made by club members and their advisor. This event is free for the community.

The $1050 will provide the club with supplies and their food for their event. Since SGA is on a reimbursement process, the club started a Krispy Kreme fundraiser and expect $300 from it.

Since some sushi consists of raw fish, the SGA suggested that the club have a waiver for the event in case someone gets sick. The club also stated that they would have all ingredients labeled in case of food allergies.

Although there was a motion to table the event, after intense discussion, the SGA decided to fund up to $1050 for the club.

The History Club also came to the SGA this past week, asking for $519.79 for a trip to The Feast of the Hunters Moon in Lafayette, Ind. on Oct. 6.

This festival celebrates the relations of Native American and the French. The club has not been to it in the past six years, and no current members have had the chance to see the event. They are also driving to see the battlegrounds of Tippecanoe.

The club will be renting four vans to help transport themselves to the event. They were able to get a discount with the vans because the club uses them so much, and they recruited drivers over 25.

The funding request will also go towards paying for tickets and gas.

Members going on the trip were asked to pitch in $10 to go, and with officer training and a book sale happening in November, funding for the trip is set.

The SGA agreed to round up to $520 for the club, and their trip to Lafayette is set in stone.

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