New beginnings set to happen with the Wooden Indian

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By: Kate Luce


Demolition plans for the Wooden Indian are almost set.

wooden indian
The Wooden Indian motel boarded up. PHOTO CREDIT/ Christina Clark

“We are finalizing the demolition arrangements with the contractor. We hope the demolition will take place in the next month or so,” Director of Marketing at IU South Bend Baierl said.

Environmental inspection of the property already took place. Funding for a contractor is being finalized.

The Wooden Indian, an infamous motel on Lincoln Way East, and its surrounding property was purchased this past February by IU South Bend. It was quickly boarded up when it was purchased and since, not much activity has happened with the space.

Its proximity to IU South Bend’s housing has long been a concern for the safety of campus. The notorious motel was known for its robberies, drug use and several other crimes. Luckily, students in housing have stayed safe during the time the motel was up and running.

The Wooden Indian was for sale since June of 2017. IU South Bend offered the motel owner $836,000, but the owner denied the request at the time.

Former Chancellor Terry Allison had plans to build more student housing, an arts utility area that could hold ceramics and possibly a new print shop in the lot. However, since Allison left and the search for a new chancellor has begun, his plans are put on hold for now.

This purchase was Allison’s last part of his legacy here on campus. He made significant strides during his time as chancellor, but as of his plans with the space, nothing was written in stone.

“For the time being, the property will be used as green space,” Baierl said.

The area will be the second green space that is on campus. The area is set to serve as a gateway to campus. The hope is that this will make campus safety improve.

The demolition of the area will not affect students in housing since the area since it is out of the way.

Although there are no immediate plans to build, IU South Bend will take a step in the right direction to improve the image and safety of campus.

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