Cops and Hot Dogs

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The IU South Bend Police Department were a part of a community outreach program, Hot Dogs with the Cops, on Sept. 12 on top of the parking garage. Students, faculty, staff and police came together to enjoy music, a fresh, grilled hotdog and each other’s company.

Kurt Martz, Chief of Police for IU South Bend, was present for the event.

“We hope to build and strengthen the relationship between our police department and the IU community through not only this event but future ones as well,” said Martz.

Martz plans to turn this initial community outreach event into the first in an annual line into the future of the campus. Martz is aware that the campus is always expanding. Through events like Hot Dogs with the Cops, he believes that the police department will continue to expand right along with the rest of the campus. Martz hopes that through events like these both the Officers and the IU community will get to know each other.

“I feel safe, though but recognize not everyone may share my feelings,” said Eric Goodzey, both a student and campus employee with Student Activates.

Goodzey has never needed to contact university police though he has been aware of past incidents happening on or near the campus. Goodzey is one of the individuals who helped put the event together felt good about the event and was pleased by the amount of participants.


Cops and Hot Dogs 3
Cops and Hot Dogs event. PHOTO CREDIT: Savannah McClaslin

Mahaliah Ariza, both a student and a campus employee with Student Activities and Housing, gave her opinion on campus safety.

“I know some don’t feel safe on campus but personally I do feel safe on campus,” said Ariza.

Ariza previously worked as a resident assistant, which required her to be on campus late at night. She acknowledged that while it does feel odd and she experiences a little paranoia she does feel safe on campus. One thing that helps her feel safe is the fact that her cell phone already contains the university police’s number so she can access them quickly.

Scott Strittmatter, director of Student Life and Housing, was present at the event.

“While our hope is that this campus feels safe it is when people let their guard down that they become vulnerable so always keep your guard up,” said Strittmatter.

Strittmatter believes that the campus police do a good job keeping the campus safe and making it feel safe. He hopes that through events like the Hot dogs with the Cops they can stress the mentality that everyone has a responsibility with keeping this campus safe. He hopes to reinforce the idea of “see something, say something.” Strittmatter believes that events like these present a good opportunity for university police to hear the concerns that the students and faculty have.

Cops and Hot Dogs 2
September 2018 Cops and Hot Dogs event. PHOTO CREDIT: Savannah McClaslin

If you need to contact the IU South Bend Police Department, dial 4329 from a campus phone or (574) 520-4239 and request to be directed to the IU South Bend Police Department.

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