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We asked you: Campus Parking

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    With classes in session and students settling back in at Indiana University South Bend, has campus parking been an issue for you? The University’s parking lots are available to those who regularly visit campus, if a purchased parking pass is displayed from a rear-view mirror. With many students and area residents, the back-to-school season has brought back frustrating parking routines and has become the normal expectation for many.

    First-year student, Christine Brooks: “I hear a lot of students say that there is not enough parking to accommodate everyone, and some students’ vehicles cannot fit into the parking garage.”

    With parking pass prices changed over the last two school years, student Carmen Chambliss: “I didn’t really care about the past price changes because of my student aid, but the prices are still somewhat high in my opinion.”

    When parking lots are full and students are in need of getting to class on time, it seems that many resort to parking along the curbs of Northside boulevard. With cars lined up along the curvy road, nearby resident Tina Love-Denson said: “The way those cars are lined up can be hazardous when I’m en route to work each morning. There have been many times where students are crossing in between all of the parked cars and it is difficult to see them. For those students and staff that have to pay whatever prices they do for parking, and still having to resort to the side of the road, I think it’s kind of ridiculous. The parked cars on both sides of the road can cause the lanes to become very narrow as well.”


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