Staff Profile: Meet Carter

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By Carter DeJong

Staff Writer


    Hello, my name is Carter DeJong. This is my first year as a staff writer for The Preface. I am a sophomore at IUSB and I am majoring in journalism. More specifically, I am very interested in writing about political news. My ideal career would be working at an investigative journalism firm in Washington D.C.

    Aside from working for The Preface, I am also a vault teller at Teachers Credit Union (TCU) in Granger, Indiana. I started there as an intern my senior year of high school and have been there for more than two years now. While journalism is my passion, I enjoy working for TCU because it is a credit union and they actually care about their members and always do what is best for them. I have always enjoyed helping people.

    Many people say that they love traveling. This means something different to me. I am pursuing the ultimate human experience. What I love most about traveling is experiencing other cultures. I do everything I can to not be perceived as a tourist. In the last two years I have spent more than a month traveling across Europe and have also spent some time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Middle East is the most fascinating place for me. In the United States many of us are taught to believe that there is nothing but violence in this region. Those who say this have clearly never been there. Certainly there are some dangerous places, just like any region, but the people there are extremely friendly and happy.

    A good portion of my downtime is spent daydreaming about where I am going to next and researching flights and places to stay. I am content with spending all of the extra money I make on travel.

    I am not very materialistic but one thing I do enjoy is my car. I own a BMW 3.28i. I don’t know what it is about it, but I just love being able to accelerate quickly. I am a strong believer that German engineering is far superior than American.

    You could ask anyone I know what my favorite TV show is and they would immediately say “The Office (US).” I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have watched the whole series, but it is definitely more than ten times. I am constantly referencing and quoting it to the point where my friends are annoyed.

    My goal as a writer at The Preface is to provide students with valuable information on issues and current events that affect them. I think many students might read material from other news outlets and think, “but how does this affect me?” I would like to be the person to answer that question.


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