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Club Profile: Philosophy Club


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    The Philosophy club has resurfaced this year after a couple of years of not having it here at IU South Bend.

    “Philosophy club is a place for people to discuss and chat about philosophy and other important issues,” said Marshall Peterson, co-president of the club.

    This club has a lot of things they are planning on doing, and they are trying to get anyone who would like to discuss these issues and about philosophy to join.

    “We like the idea of maybe occasionally doing a movie night and discussion, and maybe have some guest speakers if we can. People should expect food, friendship and discussion,” said Peterson.

    Philosophy club is not looking for just people with philosophy as their major or minor. They are looking for people with common interest as others, and people who want to discuss issues.

    The club will be meeting Friday, Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. in the community building at Riverside student housing, and invites those who are interested to join them.


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