Meet Staff Writer, Austin Parks

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Meet staff writer, Austin Parks.
PHOTO/Austin Parks


Staff Writer


I was born and raised in South Bend. I also went to Penn Harris Madison Schools my whole life, including Penn High School. At Penn, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when I got older until I took a couple of mass media classes that I really enjoyed.

So when I got accepted to IU South Bend, I decided to major in mass communications because it was something I thought was interesting and different. During my time at IU South Bend, my interest in sports journalism and media has grown, and I will most likely pursue a career in those fields after I graduate.

I also am an intern here at the Preface as a staff writer. So far, I really enjoy it and I find it fun writing sports articles for IU South Bend.

Currently I work for Notre Dame Catering and Temp Services. I like it because I’m always doing something different which keeps it interesting. I also can make my own hours which helps a lot with school.

Growing up, I’ve always been an active person. I played some football at Penn and would play basketball for fun. I also like to work out and run in my spare time. Last summer, I also took up some Jiu Jitsu.

I would consider myself a normal guy who also likes to hang out with friends, watch Netflix and play video games like most people do.

I would describe myself as funny and generally nice, but I’ve become a lot more quiet over the past few years.

Finally, I will leave you with three interesting facts about myself: I’m a big Chicago sports fan. I got my first dog over the summer; she’s awesome, and her name is Ruby. I was born without wisdom teeth.

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