SGA passes three funding requests, hears speaker on transgender rights

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Last Friday the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate approved three funding requests from campus clubs and heard a presentation about IU South Bend’s policies regarding transgender students.

The Japanese club stopped in for the final time to request funds for their Asian Heritage Festival in April. The club originally asked for $1,800, but after asking for donations from several departments on campus in just two weeks, the club now asked for $1,200.

The money will go toward one of the biggest events of the year. They will have several different kinds of Asian food, performances and activities for IUSB and the South Bend community. The club had a turnout of 300 people last year, and they are expecting to exceed those numbers this year.

The SGA Senate approved their request, and commended the club for their cooperation and efforts to ask for donations.

The IUSB Department of Communication Studies asked for $618.09 to cover the expenses of a trip to a three day Central States Communication Association event in Milwaukee in April.

The club’s funding only covers  hotel rooms for four students who are attending this event. The other costs were covered by the Raclin School of the Arts.

The event itself consists of communication studies students networking throughout the Midwest. Graduate school students will be recruiting future students. The SGA approved the request.

The French Club requested $655 to pay for students to attend a French film festival in Chicago. The request includes transportation and the festival itself.

The club was going to have each participant pay $13 to attend this trip, but the SGA asked the club to ask for $20 from each member. The SGA Senate approved $355 for this trip.

Marty McCampbell eirector of affirmative action, campus diversity and deputy Title IX coordinator spoke about the protection of transgender students at IUSB.

After the Trump Administration announced that they would be revoking the Obama administration’s guidelines over transgender people’s rights to a bathroom that corresponds to their preferred gender, the SGA believed it was in their best interest to protect these students on the IUSB campus with an amendment asserting their rights.

McCampbell came in to say that this policy change will not affect IUSB, but the SGA still wanted to make a statement over this issue that has become a popular topic among students and in online communities.

McCampbell invited founder and board president of TREES, Inc., Megan Buell, to come in and educate the SGA about their amendment and give insight on transgender people’s rights.

McCampbell said Wiekamp Hall will soon have a gender neutral bathroom.

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