Breaking News: IU South Bend Alert

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Classes are cancelled for Thursday (2/22) due to concerns about flooding. We don’t believe that any buildings will be flooded but do not want classes in session in case we need to respond. The campus will remain open tomorrow for regular business hours for faculty and staff. As a precaution, residents of River Crossing student housing should make arrangements to vacate their rooms tonight. If you are unable to go home, accommodations will be made for you in the Student Activities Center. Please see your RA for assistance. All cars should be removed from the River Crossing parking lots so there is room for other equipment if needed. Parking is available at the other lots on campus. The pedestrian bridge to River Crossing student housing is closed due to water covering the ramp. Shuttle service will be available for students who need to be taken to River Crossing. Three buildings at River Crossing are the most threatened by rising water. Sandbagging is underway to help protect the River Building, Bridge Building, and Oxbow Building. Volunteers are welcome to help fill and stack the bags. Report to the River Crossing parking lot if you want to help. The Elkhart Center is closed tonight and tomorrow due to an Emergency declaration in the City of Elkhart. his has been an IU South Bend alert.

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