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The Undergraduate Research Journal is regularly making classroom visits and reaching out to students through email reminders but still coming up short for submissions before the quickly approaching Feb. 1 deadline.

“Although I have very few submissions at this time, I also know that in the past years there was a large influx of submissions right at the deadline,” said Undergraduate Research Journal Editor in Chief Leah Klopfenstein. “However, I do not want to rely on this, which is why I am pushing students to submit their research papers now.”

Last year, several Student Government Association members and other active club members put in their work, but as for this year, Klopfenstein is looking for a wider scope of students.

All undergraduate students are welcome to apply, Klopfenstein said.

“After having my work published in the Undergraduate Research Journal, it brought me both humility and confidence. I was humbled to be recognized as a freshman, but I also gained deeper confidence in my writing abilities,” sophomore elementary education major Gabi Garver said. “The success drove me to work harder, and upon reflection, I can see how my writing skills have continued to develop throughout the subsequent semesters.”

Faculty members of IUSB also are pushing their students to consider this opportunity.

“Publishing is important, particularly if students plan to go to graduate or professional school later,” Honors Director Neovi Karakatsanis said. “Not only does it improve student research and writing skills—skills that are critical for future success—but admissions committees also see published work as examples of student leadership and drive, helping set our students’ applications apart from hundreds of others.”

The only requirements for URJ is that submissions must be a research essay on others’ works or a novel, must be at least 5-20 pages and must have three appropriate reference. In addition to this, a student must include a 120 word-or-less abstract and title page. The paper itself can be about anything.

Students considering this opportunity must also be undergraduates at IUSB, and if a student is a transfer student, a research essay must be completed at IUSB.

A faculty checklist must be filled out and submitted in addition with the essay. The checklist and submission requirements can be found Submissions must be sent to

As the submission come in, Klopfenstein, is looking for a student to take over her position at the URJ.

“I will be graduating in May, and individuals who submit their papers to the journal might make good candidates for the Editor-in-Chief position,” Klopfenstein said.

Interested students can email their essays and faculty checklist to Klopfenstein at

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