Shepherd and author to give sustainability lecture

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By: C.A. Printup
Staff Writer

   Shepherd and internationally bestselling British author James Rebanks will deliver a lecture in the Sustainability and Innovation series 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 22., in Northside Hall’s performance hall.

   Event host Professor Ken Smith started following Rebanks and interacting with him in his class on Twitter. Smith and Rebanks live-tweeted when Smith was teaching a class on social media and social justice a year ago. Rebanks’ Twitter account is also how he became famous.

   Rebanks uses “photography and beautiful writing to help people make beautiful connections to the world,” Lidinsky said. “These bring humanities to topics we often don’t think of.”

   Even those without an interest in sustainability might like the lecture, Lidinsky said, “He’s a marvelous charming speaker and writer. I think anybody who appreciates the dynamic between humans and animals would really get a lot out of this talk. If you have a dog, you would appreciate his connection with his sheep dogs.”

   Smith recently interviewed Rebanks for a radio show. According to the interview, “The Shepherd’s Life” is about Rebanks’ life on a farm as a shepherd.

   “Rebanks will tell us on Monday what sustains the community there in body and spirit,” Smith said.

   “I hope people would take the advantage to see him. It’s an exciting thing and crucial thing to being educated, and in this case, it’s about sheep and why not?” Lidinsky said. “Invite us into a world we might not know that we had an interest in. It’s an eye-opening, heart-warming, and challenging talk that teaches us about the Earth and ourselves.”

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