SGA addresses campus skateboarding ban, referendum for constitution and Sodexo food services

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The Student Government Association (SGA) discussed lifting the campus skateboarding ban, a referendum for their constitution revision and an ongoing issue with Sodexo food services.

Members of the Political Science Club requested funding to attend the Agents of Innovation Conference in November. The conference would allow students to explore social innovation and develop social ventures, club members said.

The Political Science Club asked the SGA for $360, where the bulk of the money would be used for registration fees for students. The remainder of the money would be used toward travel expenses, to Anderson University in Anderson, Ind., where the conference will be held. The SGA passed the motion to grant the political science club the full $360 to attend.

The Honor’s Program requested funding to get students access to basic medications, such as cold medicine, cough drops, and possibly vitamins, free of charge. The students asked the SGA for $1,850, most of which would be used for purchasing computers and a software that would track students using the program to prevent abuse. Americares, a company that helps supply small sample sizes of medicine for people who may not have access to any, would provide the medicine for the program.

The SGA tabled the proposal until the group can offer more information about how they would implement the program.

Freshman Michael Kirbie gave a presentation to the SGA on the current ban on skateboarding around the campus. Kirbie wants the ban lifted.

“Some students brought skateboards or longboards to school, only to find out they aren’t allowed on campus,” Kirbie told the SGA Senate Friday.

The SGA agreed with Kirbie’s statements and discussed potentially talking to the Chancellor about the rule.

The SGA formed a committee to explore issues with Sodexo. Sodexo supplies all the food on campus and hasn’t gotten a very good reception from students this year. SGA members discussed unreasonable prices, poor quality and hours of the grille as complaints. The SGA decided to form a committee to come up with a presentation to voice concerns to someone from Sodexo at a future meeting.

The Student Government Association will hold its next meeting Friday, Oct. 27.

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